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Beta Fuel 84g Sachets – 15 Pack (Lemon & Lime)
Beta Fuel 84g Sachets – 15 Pack (Lemon & Lime)
Beta Fuel 84g Sachets – 15 Pack (Lemon & Lime)
Beta Fuel 84g Sachets – 15 Pack (Lemon & Lime)

Beta Fuel 84g Sachets – 15 Pack (Lemon & Lime)


Brand: SiS
Product Type: Powders
Categories: Energy

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Product Description

Science in Sport Beta Fuel has been developed to deliver the maximum amount of carbohydrate in a 2:1 ratio of Maltodextrin to Fructose whilst limiting gastrointestinal distress.

The product mixed to concentration is 80 grams carbohydrate (2:1 maltodextrin:fructose), 20 mmol/L sodium and 500 ml of fluid per serving.

Key Features:

  •  2:1 ratio maltodextrin:fructose
  •  80g total carbohydrate
  •  Isotonic
  •  pH neutral
  •  Natural flavours and sweetener
  •  Added Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium

A rate limiting factor of exogenous carbohydrate utilization during exercise is the transportation of the nutrients across the intestinal wall. Once the sodium-dependent transporter, used to transport maltodextrin, is saturated at 60 g.h additional carbohydrate can be absorbed through another transporter, GLUT5, used to transport fructose. Fuelling requirements for long endurance events (greater than 2.5 hours) are 60-90 g of carbohydrate per hour. The ability to deliver such high levels of carbohydrate with minimized risk of GI issues is crucial to performance. Beta Fuel can be used to meet these fuelling demands in an isotonic solution.

Informed Sport Registered

Our complete product range is developed using a world-class approach to banned substance testing, providing assurance for athletes.

Suitable For: Vegans, Vegetarians, Coeliacs, Lactose free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Nut Free


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